Audio Teachings – Single

These single audio teachings minister specific points of the various aspects of the more abundant life that Jesus Christ came to make available to all. Each teaching is topical and has been given a title fitting to its topic. So, you can scroll down through the titles until you find a topic of interest.

Some of these audio teachings have downloadable documents attached to them to help you follow along.

Please listen to and enjoy the great news about Jesus Christ’s finished work of redemption and let the Word of God minister its God-designed purposes to your heart!

Being Refined in Christ 2007

By Grace Not By Works 2009

Cleansed to Dwell in His Presence 2009

Completeness in Christ 2008

God is Light 2008

God will Never Leave or Forsake You 2009

God’s GREAT Love 2009 

God’s Invitation 2009

God’s Love through the Cross produces Partnership with God 2008

God’s Love Toward Us by the Cross 2009

God’s Standard for the Church 2007
God’s Standard for the Church – PAPERWORK

Governed by Life in Christ Jesus 2007

Grace Reigns through Righteousness 2009

How Great the Father’s Love 2009

How to see more effects of God in your life

In Christ vs In Adam 2005

Isaiah 53 2006

Jesus Christ; All in Submission to Him 2008
Jesus Christ – All in Submission to Him

Jesus Christ is the Gospel 2007
Jesus Christ is the Gospel – PAPERWORK

Jesus Christ Your Ransom 2009

Jesus Christ, The Mediator 2008

Look to God and be Radiant 2005

Look to the Cross for Your Deliverance 2009

New Birth – A New Kind of Life 2005

Our Hope of Jesus Christ’s Return 2007

Our Value to God 2009

Persevering by the Truth Amidst all Circumstances 2005

Persevering in the Truth 2005
Persevering in the Truth – PAPERWORK

Resurrection Life 2006

The Church 2007

The Doctrine 2006

The Glory of the New Man 2008
The Glory of the New Man – PAPERWORK

The Hope Cleanses Our Ways 2007

The One Body 2006

The Saints Environment-Truth 2009

The Thorough Work of Christ Working in Us 2008

The True Test of Faith 2009

The Truth About Righteousness 2008

The Walk of Resurrection Power 2008

There’s Rest in Christ 2010

Touch the Hem of His Garment 2007

Training in the Ways of God’s Kingdom 2008

Truth vs. Falsehood

What the gospel is all about 2014

You Are In Christ 2008

The Way Of The Truth 2014

We Are No Longer Held By The Agonizing Power of Death 2016

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